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Report on the baseline survey 2013 of the safe migration programme conducted by research and evaluation division (RED)
BRAC conducted a baseline survey under the safe migration facilitation project. As a starting point, the survey considered  the project that will assist to measure the project outputs after its completion in 2007(clarify). The purpose of the survey was to find out problems of migrant workers as well as human rights with special emphasis on  women’srights violations in the project working areas.

The survey’s major recommendations are as follows:

•    Migration focused database should be developed in the project area
•    Information centres should be established to disseminate information on opportunity, risks associated with migration, safe migration process and migration cost
•    Awareness campaign should be arranged to promote positive aspects of female migration
•    Alliance should be formed with concerned government institutions to collaboratively arrange activities to promote safe migration

Reducing the risks of migration: An evaluation of BRAC’s safe migration programme
University of California at Berkeley and BRAC’s research and evaluation division (RED) undertook a research titled ‘Reducing the risks of migration: An evaluation of BRAC’s safe migration programme.’  

There are very few studies that assess the migrant’s risk of failure before departing from the country and after having eventually incurred significant expenses in attempting to migrate. But information associated to this aspect is very important to understand the causes behind failure of migration attempts and patterns of risks, to reduce the vulnerabilities of Bangladeshi migrant workers.

Report on the baseline survey 2013 of the safe migration programme by (RED) for SPA project
In 2013, BRAC RED and migration programme jointly undertook a baseline survey research. The objective of the research was to understand the contribution of SMFCs to improve safe migration scenario of the programme areas. It was also designed to contribute to an assessment of the impact of the SMP intervention, which will be completed after an endline survey.  

The baseline survey included the following specific objectives:
•    To evaluate the extent of the SMFC provision of information and facilities on migration to the target communities
•    To assess and compare the knowledge and awareness of the safe migration process in the communities served by the SMFC with those not served
•    To estimate the percentage of eligible beneficiaries receiving support from the SMFC
•    To compare the knowledge, attitude and practices of migrants in the areas served by the SMFCs with that of the migrants in areas not served

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