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Programme approach and intervention

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Programme approach
•    Help migrant workers raise their voices to claim their rights through  community pressure groups
•    Facilitate civil society movement at national and district level to strengthen migrant’s demands to protect their rights
•    Reinforce government for regional and global level negotiation for migrants rights and networking for migration promotion from Bangladesh


BRAC’s  intervention for migrant workers

BRAC practices a three-tiered intervention model to ensure safe migration

a)    Pre-migration
BRAC raises awareness on safe migration process at the pre-migration stage. The programme facilitates formation of migration forums at grassroots levels, formed of returnee migrants, teachers, volunteers and active and interested members of the community. Migration forums also help to get support on social arbitration and legal aid for migrants in collaboration with BRAC. The programme helps migrants understand the necessity of documented and legal migration and the adverse effects of undocumented and illegal migration. The programme also provides information and referral services for migration loan, training on skills and language, and assistance with visa applications. In addition, the programme provides pre-decision orientation to potential migrants and pre-departure orientation to departing migrants. The programme liaises with BRAC’s other programmes to provide an integrated support to the migrants.

b)    During migration
BRAC liaises with relevant ministries to influence relevant Bangladeshi missions abroad for welfare support of migrants during the migration period. BRAC networks with international migrants’ rights-based organisation to provide support for migrants. BRAC also helps rescue migrants to return home safely with the support of the Government of Bangladesh and other international agencies. BRAC developed peer education activities in migrant communities at selected destination countries.  

c)    Return and re-integration
BRAC’s migration programme works to create an enabling environment and facilitates socio-economic re-integration of migrant workers, their families and returnee migrants. Support groups, forums and volunteers at community levels help returnee migrants and their families through peer counselling. BRAC also facilitates returnee migrants in utilising skills to establish income-generating activities (IGA) and small and medium enterprises (SME). The re-integration component of BRAC finds stronger focus on women and vulnerable migrants.

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