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Celebration of International Migrants Day

On 18 December 1990, the General Assembly adopted the international convention on the protection of the rights of migrant workers and members of their families.
Since 2008 BRAC’s migration programme has been collaborating with the government of Bangladesh in observing the International Migrants Day (IMD).  Some of the activities organised by BRAC in collaboration with the government  are as follows:

•    Actively participate in the government IMD observation preparatory committee and support government to conduct the nation-wide day of observance successfully
•    Facilitate IMD seminars
•    Observe IMD at 64 districts and assist government with their local initiatives
•    Actively participate at the national-level IMD fair with stall demonstrations, arranging discussions where migrants can participate,  , and organising rallies with banners and festoons etc.

Programme highights

2006     Inception
2006     Safe Migration Facilitation Centre (SMFC) established
2006     First phase of ‘safe migration facilitation centre project’ (SMFC) funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), started
2009     Second phase of  ‘safe migration facilitation centre ’ (SMFC) project, funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) started
2010    The project, ‘advocacy for safe migration and abating labor trafficking’ funded by Win Rock International started
2011    The project, ‘spreading awareness to prevent, promote and protect domestic workers and female migration’ funded by International Labour Organization (ILO) started
2011    The project, ‘livelihood restoration of Bangladeshi migrant workers returning from Libya’ funded by BRAC Bank Limited (BBL) started
2012    The project ‘safe migration for Bangladeshi migrant workers’ funded under the strategic partnership agreement (SPA) of DFID, AusAID and BRAC started ; to be continued till 2016
2012    The project, ‘standardised information and Advisory Procedures on Safe Migration funded by International Labour Organization (ILO) started
2013    The project, ‘organising awareness raising sessions for female migrants’ funded by International Labour Organization (ILO) started
2013    The project piloting administrative set-up for utilisation of the developed ‘Standardised information and advisory procedure on safe internal women migration’ info pack funded by International Labour Organization (ILO) started
2013    The project ‘safe migration for Bangladeshi worker’ funded by Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) and managed by World Bank started; to be continued till 2017
2013    The project ‘safe migration’ under BRAC’s integrated development programme (IDP) at Baniachong and Derai started; to be continued till 2015
2013     Migration volunteers resource pool developed
2014     Selection of 80 community-based organisations (CBO) for partnership
2014    The project ‘establishment of re-integration and referral services for returnee migrant workers’ started

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