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Networks, partners and contributors

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National Alliance for Migrants’ Rights, Bangladesh (NAMR, B)

National Alliance for Migrants’ Rights Bangladesh (NAMR, B) was formed in 2010. The alliance was incepted with the aim to protect rights of the Bangladeshi migrant workers and their families. NAMR, B is a niche for Bangladeshi civil society organisations.

  • NAMR, B is a loose forum, (national network) working for the protection of the migrant workers’ rights and their families in Bangladesh. NAMR, B aims to eventually spread its work in destination countries to offer support to migrating workers during their migration cycle. It respects human rights, dignity, social justice, and gender equality of migrant workers while striving to address issues related to violations of migrants’ human rights
  • In the recent past, the alliance gained momentum in joint movements and undertook policy advocacy endeavours. Significant steps of the alliance are appended below: ???
  • In March 2014 NAMR, B arranged a consultation on ‘Way forward to collective efforts for protecting migrant workers’ safety and rights’. This consultation focused on the news published in media, which focuses on the rights violation, risks and hazards Bangladeshi migrant workers face at destination countries
  • In June 2014, NAMR, B arranged a national-level consultation on ‘Kafala violating migrant rights: Can FIFA help to abolish?’
  • In August 2014, NAMR, B arranged a press conference at the National Press Club titled ‘Greece verdict should be reviewed’. NAMR, B demanded a commitment from Greece to review the verdict and that Greece ratify the 1990 Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families
  • BRAC was nominated the chairperson of National Alliance for Migrants’ Rights, Bangladesh (NAMR,B); A new executive committee was formed on 27 November 2014. Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) was nominated as vice-chairperson of NAMR’B

 All partners of this network provide their best effort to support Bangladeshi migrant workers. They work as a pressure group to alleviate long-term crises immediately. The main concern of the network is to empower migrants with proper information and services. It influences responsible parties and provide them with technical support for their efficiency. Beside this, NAMR, B maintains strong ties with the media to continually circulate appropriate coverage of issues related to migrant workers on the basis of its urgency.

Current allies of the alliance are BRAC, Bastob Bangladesh, BOMSA, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, INAFI Bangladesh, OKKAF, Ain o Shalish Kendra (ASK), SHISUK Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) and CARE Bangladesh. The current secretariat of the alliance is BRAC.


Regional networking on migration

CARAM Asia – Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility

CARAM Asia – Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility - is a regional network working on migration and health issues. It was formed in 1997. Over time, it has developed as a network of members spread across south-east Asia, north-east Asia, the Gulf and Middle East. CARAM Asia’s mission is to empower migrants, their families and communities throughout the migration process and build capacities of CBOs (community-based organisations) and NGOs , and to work for the promotion and protection of migrants’ health rights, including sexual and reproductive health rights. CARAM Asia focuses on three main aspects:

  1. Rights of migrant workers
  2. Health, HIV and development
  3. Globalisation


CARAM Asia took the approach of PAR (participatory action research) to develop research, publications, campaigns and policies.

BRAC partnered with CARAM Asia in May 2013. The networking helps members to influence labour receiving countries with policy formulation and implementation with the aim to uphold rights of migrant workers. BRAC is also looking forward to provide better support for Bangladeshi migrants at destination countries through this networking. , since there are 40 member NGOs from 20 countries with CARAM Asia who works on migration, human rights, health and HIV/ AIDS.

Partnerships and collaborations

Community-based organisation (CBO)

Dependency on middlemen is a long-standing practice of migrant workers across Bangladesh. Sustainable initiatives are essential to reduce this dependency and exploitation by middlemen. Experience has shown that developing community forums work as an effective tool for providing information on migration issues.

BRAC has selected community-based organisations (CBO) to strengthen their capacity in order to reduce dependency of migrants on middlemen. The CBOs will enhance social protection for potential migrants and their family members. They will enable safe migration facilitation centres (SMFCs) to support safe migration and disseminate necessary information about migrant rights from the duty bearers.

Currently BRAC has 80 selected CBOs as implementing partners in migration-prone districts of Bangladesh.


Project steering Ccmmittee (PSC)

Migration Programme, BRAC formed a project steering committee (PSC) to ensure safe migration for Bangladeshi workers project. The project is funded by Japan Social Development Fund and managed by World Bank. The PSC consisting of representatives from Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas, Employment , BMET, BRAC, partner NGOs and CBOs.

All members of the PSC meet periodically to review project updates and provide necessary guidance to project management.

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