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Research and Development

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In 2010, we established a research and development unit. Its main functions include:

  • To identify strategies to improve existing operations and products
  • To assess feasibility for new products through market research and consumer insight
  • To design and pilot new products and processes
  • To explore and manage “finance-plus” initiatives and partnerships

The research and development unit is a small group that works closely with larger operation teams and BRAC’s social innovation lab. They spend much of their time observing field operations and gaining insights from other staff. In some cases, opportunities come from external groups, who are interested in partnering with BRAC for research, new products or to work for the inclusion of special population groups.

Our activities are constantly changing. See this presentation for examples of a selection of our current projects.

Learn more about our work:
“Innovating for the poor” in Ashoka Fellow Connect (October 2013)


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