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BRAC seeks to understand the heterogeneous needs of the poor and design microfinance services accordingly. BRAC’s microfinance programme offers diversified financial services to poor people unable to access mainstream banking services.

We use our wealth of expertise in other areas such as rural development, education and health to innovate financial services that meet the specific needs of different groups. These include products tailored for poor rural and urban women, landless and land-holding farmers, migrant workers, and small entrepreneurs. With BRAC, clients are able to access savings products and loans from between USD 100 – 10,000.

BRAC’s microfinance products are not suitable for everybody. BRAC operates a separate Targeting the Ultra Poor programme for the most vulnerable.     

BRAC's approach to financial inclusion          

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*Diagram shows products available at different loan amounts and not proportions of clients reached
**Different loan product boundaries are approximate and can overlap

BRAC seeks to ensure that clients can get the most out of our products. To support borrowers, BRAC has invested in supply chains and marketing infrastructure so that supply of products from microenterprises can reach demand. In addition, each microfinance product integrates a set of financial education and client protection measures into its services to help safeguard against risks for clients.

BRAC is committed to a stringent monitoring and evaluation process. All of our microfinance projects are piloted, evaluated and adapted before being scaled up. Today, BRAC operates over 2,000 branches in all 64 districts in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh – At a glance (June 2016)

Total borrowers (Bangladesh)

5 million

Outstanding loan (USD)

$1.6 billion

Savings deposits (USD)

$0.5 billion


BRAC is a social impact-driven organisation. The success of our microfinance programme is measured according to the effectiveness of our projects in delivering social good. Financial sustainability of our microfinance products enables us to deliver more effective products and services, and offer more benefits to our clients.

BRAC believes that financial services are not enough to achieve sustainable poverty reduction. BRAC’s microfinance programme represents one component of BRAC’s holistic approach to development. It is designed to complement other interventions such as education, healthcare and legal aid, and all microfinance clients are encouraged to make use of these services.

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