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BRAC Facility Based Services

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BRAC facility based care started its journey in 1995. To meet the need of the community, the static health facilities have emerged to offer a package of curative, promotive and rehabilitative health services through a sustainable and comprehensive approach at a reasonable cost. Although more focus was given to offer services to vulnerable groups, particularlyvwomen, adolescents and children,these health facilities offer a range of services to all groups of the population including males.

BRAC Clinics are not just traditional clinics or hospitals but are emerged from the needs of the community and ensuring the availability of and accessibility to services. They utilise BRAC’s existing community network, infrastructure and trained manpower. At present, BRAC runs 3 Clinics. BRAC Clinics provide both outdoor services and indoor services to patients. Major indoor services provided are caesarean section, normal deliveries, MR/ post-abortion care, major general surgery and major gynaecology surgery.

To support the physically disabled population with rehabilitative aids and services, BRAC is operating BRAC Limb and Brace Centre (BLBC) which provides low-cost appropriate technology.  At present, BRAC runs 2 BLBCs. Major services provided are braces, physiotherapy, below knee prosthesis and above knee prosthesis.


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