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Saturday, 16 January 2016 18:00

Network and alliance

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GJD is working with different alliances and forums to influence policy makers to formulate and revise laws, rules and regulations against all types of gender based violence, and also for policy advocacy.

•    At the invitation of the Ministry of Planning, BRAC reviewed the national sixth five-year plan with a gender focus, and made specific recommendations for improving the plan, as well as for the implementation strategy.

•    The GJD team reviewed the Microfinance Regularity Authority (MRA) Act from a gender perspective which has now been accepted as government policy.

•    The GJD team also worked actively to help the government enact the National Women’s Development Policy 2011, the sexual harassment guidelines, and the National Education Policy.

•    In the past year, BRAC participated in a number of national and international networks and meetings geared towards building stronger solidarity around gender and human rights issues, including CEDAW conference in Geneva, South Asian social forum in Bangladesh, South Asian human rights alliance, World Social Forum (WSF), South Asian Network to Address Masculinity (SANAM), Programme on Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (PWESCR), South Asia Partnership international (SAP).

•    GJD is also an active member of Social Action Committee (a platform consisting of 67 development organisations), citizen’s initiative on CEADAW, Bangladesh (a national platform of 38 rights organisation, working on CEDAW and international treaties); WE CAN CAMPAIGN (working to end domestic violence against women and children), National Girl Child Advocacy Forum (working on different girl child issues), and Campaign for Popular Education, a national coalition of NGOs working towards the implementation of programme interventions in the education sector including the education curriculum.

•    In 2012, BRAC initiated to form and lead a new platform to combat against child marriage with other organisations (Care, Plan, population council, icddr,b, BLAST, LAMP, FPAB, white ribbon alliance Bangladesh, Marie Stopes etc.)

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