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Saturday, 16 January 2016 18:00

Gender climate

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Gender Policy (GP) and Sexual Harassment Elimination (SHE) Policy
GJ&D is primarily responsible for overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the Gender and SHE policy. The section has also been providing technical assistance within the organisation through policy review, awareness rising against sexual harassment, organising different workshop, training, forums etc. GJ&D developed a Gender Policy Operational Guideline (GPOG) to focus with different level staff responsibility to implement the Gender policy. It is in the process to develop a Gender Analysis Framework recently to mainstream the gender justice goal throughout BRAC.

Assist in implementing a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on sexual harassment within the organisation
BRAC has adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to any form of sexual harassment and abuse at the work place. GJ&D formulated a Sexual Harassment Elimination (SHE) Policy in 2004 - one of the firsts in Bangladesh to address the sexual harassment and take punitive actions in organisational level. Later it was upgraded and reprinted in 2008. BRAC is committed to follow the honourable High Court Division’s (HCD) guideline against sexual harassment that was promulgated on May 14, 2009. As part of the commitment, the SHE policy has been reviewed addressing the organisations present concern.

Through Gender & SHE policy orientation and different campaign activities, GJ&D creates awareness which helps to implement ‘zero tolerance’ policy on sexual harassment within the organisation.

Inclusion of Gender issues into program through Gender Focal Points (GFP)
Gender Focal Points (GFP) are responsible to address gender equality through their programme interventions following Gender Policy. GFPs are nominated by the respective programme/ department, and play a vital role to ensure equal and fair working environment for both men and women. They try to retain and increase women staff in their programme and department and organise Gender Policy, SHE policy orientation, National Women Development Policy discussion and other conceptual discussion within their respective programme. GJD provides continuous support in the capacity development of GFPs in regards to gender related issues, women’s empowerment, gender analysis, and gender mainstreaming strategies, etc.

Mon Khule Katha Bola Forum (To listen to the voice of the staff)
To promote a gender sensitive working environment and deal with unfavourable and insensitive attitude among the staff, Mon Khule Katha Bola Forum was designed to address staff concerns, frustrations and work place problems. GJ&D approaches with the findings from a sharing forum to bring the concerns to the line management for necessary solutions and inclusion of the findings in policy review.  GJ&D welcomes counseling and motivation of the staff in difficulties.  This forum ensures the confidentiality, trust and friendliness among the participants and forward their problem solving from management aspects.

GENDtalk Lecture Series is a new event of GJ&D that aims at helping the BRAC staff to enhance their level of knowledge and understanding on a range of issues related to gender and development. The GENDtalk is organized on a quarterly basis.

DOLNA (Day care centre for learning, nurturing, and advancement)
Day Care Centre of Learning Nurturing and Advancement (DOLNA) was established to ensure smooth participation of working mothers, and enable them to continue their job retention. DOLNA encourages and ensures child’s rights to breast-feeding, safe and secure environment for child care and development. The crèche also inspires men to let their wives retain employment.

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