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Wednesday, 04 May 2016 18:00

Zahirul Islam - studying MBBS in Sir Salimullah Medical College

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In our country most children dream to become doctors, but practically very few can stick to their dreams. Zahirul Islam was one of those who never abandoned his dream. He is the only son among six children. He lost his father in childhood. His widowed mother, Jobeda Bewa, supports their family of seven with a small income from their 45 decimal land. As a meritorious student Zahirul earned government scholarships to continue his primary and secondary education. After Secondary School Certificates (SSC) exam financial crisis became a barrier to his education.

After finishing the SSC exam he applied and won the BRAC Medhabikash Scholarship. He achieved an excellent result in HSC (Higher Secondary School Certificates) examination. Zahirul applied for a scholarship again to complete his undergraduate study. He got into Sir Salimullah Medical College, the second best medical college in Bangladesh.

Zahirul is now a fourth year student at Sir Salimullah Medical College. Zahirul says: “Many underprivileged meritorious students give up their dream of getting higher education when they face financial constraints, but I am fortunate that I have received BRAC’s support all the way to reach my goal. I am very close to my lifelong dream i.e. to become a doctor and BRAC deserves my sincere thanks for that.


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