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Rozina - studying BBA at a top ranked University in Rajasthan

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Rozina and her family

Rozina is 20 years old and will soon be heading towards Rajasthan, India to study Bachelor of Business Administration. Her father is a tailor and her mother is a housewife.  She is the eldest daughter among five children. Her interest lies in Accounting. In the future she wants to help underprivileged through social work.

Rozina’s family is so poor that she was forced to live at her grandparent’s home for 4 years after completing Class 6. Her grandparents were not even financially solvent but they could afford a safe place for her. There she attended the nearby BRAC school. Rozina says that without BRAC’s scholarship, she would not be able to continue her studies. She believes that BRAC’s support helped her to do well in her studies and also helped her to develop English language skills.

Roziana’s mother is happy and proud for her daughter. She hopes that her daughter will study hard and in future she will be capable to draw a handsome salary. She feels that BRAC has showed the light to her family and it will ultimately elevate them out of the cycle of poverty.

Rozina’s mother emphasised this by revealing that in future she expects her daughter to take care of their family. It is clear that Rozina’s family is depending on her, but it also apparent that by providing educational opportunity BRAC is helping to bring about women empowerment.


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