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Saturday, 05 March 2016 18:00

Neuro-developmental disability (NDD)

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Since 2003, BRAC has been working with CSN but children with any type of profound impaired are still segregated from BRAC School. To promote the rights of children, the CSN unit intended to ensure the enrolment of the profoundly impaired children where feasible. In 2013, the government signed neuro-developmental disability safely trust law and then BRAC started working as a pilot with ID along with autism, CP and down syndrome persons from the community named as neuro-developmental disability (NDD) centre. In 5 January 2013 the first NDD centre was opened in Korail slum of Dhaka jointly with BRAC’s health, nutrition and population programme (HNPP). Till June 2015, three more NDD centres have been opened respectively in Pabna, Gazipur and Khulna.

Quick facts:
40,316 CSN students

14,289 children receiving treatment

- 14,289 receiving eye treatment
- 414 received eye operation
- 2,920 received hearing treatment
- 820 received cleft lip and palate operation
- 2,947 provided with assistive device


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