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Working with mainstream secondary schools

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BEP’s work at the secondary level started in 2001 to improve the school management system and quality of teaching-learning process in the non-government secondary schools and to facilitate students in developing their leadership skills so that they can take charge for their own development. For this purpose, underperforming schools, especially from rural areas are selected.

Through this initiative, BEP is supplementing the government‘s effort in improving the quality of education in secondary schools. BRAC initiated secondary teaching training services in 2001, in collaboration with the government to enhance the capacity of the schools and the teachers. BRAC provides training to school management committees, head teachers/assistant head teachers and teaching staff.

BRAC implements the following four activities to support teachers and students in the formal schooling system:
a) Training and workshops programme
b) Computer-aided learning (CAL) programme
c) Mentoring
d) Chhatrabandhu
e) Medhabikash


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