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Friday, 15 January 2016 00:00

Shishu niketon: Home for children

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BRAC recently launched the shishu niketon programme, a new initiative piloting as a cost-sharing model of primary education. This programme seeks to target families whose level of income makes them ineligible for BRAC’s existing non-formal primary schools, yet who are unable to afford private schooling.


Objectives of shishu niketon

The overarching goal of shishu niketon is to contribute to broader national goal of education, ie, developing human capital and create opportunities for good quality education to the parents who are willing to pay for their children’s education.

The specific objectives are;

  1. Ensuring holistic development of children and preparing them duly for secondary level studies

  2. Maintaining a high completion rate in due time

  3. Enhancing the participation of the parents in school

  4. Making the programme self-sustainable in every aspects


Current status
7,390 Shishu Niketon

209,951 students, among whom 50.24% are girls

7,390 teachers, all of who are women


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