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Tracking of BRAC graduates (TBG) programme

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BRAC started its education programme in 1985, targeting children from poor households. So far, 9.51 million children including Person with Disability (PWD) and ethnic children have finished their primary level education from BRAC schools and have been have been conceded in secondary schools.

Studies directed by BRAC presume that BRAC graduates who are conceded in secondary schools frequently are unable to finish their secondary level because of numerous discriminating circumstances. In Bangladesh secondary education acts as an entrance to higher education and the work force and thus it is vital to complete secondary level of education. From this acknowledgment, BEP began tracking of BRAC Graduates Programme (TBG) at secondary schools in 2011 to guarantee their enrolment at the secondary level, advance consistent participation, decrease dropout rate and so forth with the goal that they support at the secondary level and effectively finish the course. Currently the TBG programme is tracking 500,000 BRAC graduates in secondary schools.


Objectives of TBG: The specific objectives of the programme are to:

  • Enrol BRAC graduates in secondary schools and ensure completion Make parents aware about importance of secondary education

  • Increase community involvement in secondary education through ensuring active participation of community (para committee)

  • Reduce child/early marriage

Operational approach of TBG

BRAC supervisory staff ensures children enrolment at the secondary school, promote regular attendance, reduce dropout rate so that they successfully complete the five years secondary schooling. Staff from the branch office visits their respective high schools where graduates are enrolled. They have to carry out a visit once every month. During the high schools visit, the staffs focus on the student’s attendance, if the students bring their learning materials regularly, cleanliness and hygiene in and around the school and so on. Further information regarding all the students is gathered from those students who are present in school on the day of visit. Students who are irregular in school, staffs get in touch with those students and encourage them to attend school on a regular basis. All the schools in a particular area are divided among the staffs in those branch offices.  Alongside school inspection, staffs are anticipated to sit with the head master and the respective class teachers to check on the student’s condition through discussion.

To maintain regular correspondence with the BRAC graduates, the TBG programme has formed para committees and organises regular meetings with the graduates, their parents or guardians. Special meetings are conducted with Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC) candidates to increase their confidence so that they can participate in the examinations.

Furthermore, underprivileged and meritorious BRAC graduates are also provided with financial support. BRAC also maintains contact with secondary school authority and other organisations to manage scholarship and full/partial waiver for BRAC graduates.

Case Story

Zahirul Islam - studying MBBS in Sir Salimullah Medical College

Rozina - studying BBA at a top ranked University in Rajasthan


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