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10 things you should definitely do for World Environment Day

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5 June is World Environment Day and your action is needed. The illegal trade in wildlife is pushing many species of animals and plants toward local or global extinction, robbing us of our natural heritage. The killing and smuggling of these species is also undermining economies, fuelling organised crime, and feeding corruption and insecurity across the globe.

You can play a big part to stop this. Do any of the suggested activities below and then register on WED website to join the global chorus to fight wildlife crime.

Take action!

  1. Get rid of trash -- trash is harmful to wildlife. Most plastics end up on oceans, for example and entangle or are ingested by marine life.
  2. Buy responsibly -- don't buy bones, teeth, ivory or other wildlife trophies. Animals have to be killed for you to obtain these.
  3. Introduce a child to nature -- most people that care about the environment were introduced to nature as a child. Reports also show there are numerous benefits to doing so. So why not take a child to the zoo or for nature walks on World Environment Day. Use apps to learn about wildlife around you, such as ForestXplorer, NatureFinder, iTrack Wildlife and Project Noah.
  4. Find your kindred species and make a pledge. Take WED challenge online and help spread the word on illegal trade in wildlife.
  5. Donate and adopt an animal for your child for WED at your local animal orphanage or animal caring facility.
  6. Learn about endangered species -- check out WED illegal trade in wildlife website. 
  7. Speak up! Share your enthusiasm -- download social media banners on WED website and share on your channels with friends. Use the hashtags #worldenvironmentday #WED2016 or #WildForLife
  8. Report wildlife crime via an app -- use cool mobile apps to report wildlife crime such as Wild Witness.
  9. Don't keep wild animals as pets. It's unsafe, illegal and inhumane (you cannot provide for its complex needs in a home environment).
  10. Join or volunteer for an organisation that's working to conserve nature.

Find out what else is happening for WED at the international, national, regional and local levels from WED website.

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