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New initiatives

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Supporting Rana Plaza survivors
DMCC is working with partners to support the survivors of Rana Plaza in regaining control over their lives. BRAC is providing them with access to health protection schemes, psychosocial counselling and prosthetic limbs. Clients are also equipped with livelihood support through seed capital funding,and skills development training. These initiatives assist them to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and become self-resilient.

Mobile money for disaster response

DMCC designed innovative interventions to improve post-disaster response and humanitarian relief activities through technology.

Through the intervention of mobile money, a digital voucher system was developed to provide relief items and medical support to affected individuals quickly following a disaster. Monthly interests earned from fixed deposits that the Rana Plaza survivors are eligible for can also be transferred through mobile money. Crowd funding is another new intervention using the platform of mobile money. It is a transparent mechanism for the public to easily and directly donate towards relief activities and monitor its utility.


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