What we do: Socially Responsible Investments


The stakeholders of BRAC consist mainly of millions of deprived and disenfranchised poor of Bangladesh. BRAC investments act as ‘hedges’ to BRAC to protect these stakeholders from any future ‘liquidity crunch’ in the financial industry. These BRAC investments focus on companies that are aligned with BRAC’s mission of alleviating poverty. BRAC investments are independently run organisations that are fully or partly owned by BRAC.
BRAC has invested in the following concerns:

Financial Institutions

BRAC Bank Limited, which was initiated in 2001, has institutional shareholding by BRAC, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and ShoreCap International. As a fully commercial operation, the bank focuses on small and medium enterprises, which are overlooked by commercial banks. The average loan size is USD 7,033. BRAC owns 33.51% shareholdings in BRAC Bank Limited.

Delta-BRAC Housing Finance Corporation Limited
was founded in 1997 and is presently the largest specialised housing finance institution in the country. It is a pioneer in financing low-cost housing and the only financial institution in Bangladesh to receive an “AAA” credit rating. BRAC owns 20.37% shareholdings in Delta-BRAC Housing Corporation.

Guardian Life Insurance Limited recently commenced its business operations with a vision to bring about a positive revolution in the life insurance industry through product and process improvement, operational efficiency and customer-focused service. Its main sponsors are BRAC, Square and Apex, along with other reputed local and foreign investors. Guardian Life Insurance Limited is committed to the high values, standards and culture as espoused by its sponsors.  

Information Technology

bracNet, in partnership with gNet and Marubeni Corporation of Japan, has its mission to bring affordable internet and data connectivity to the general population of the country. BRAC has 39.7% shareholdings in bracNet.


Tours and Recruitment

BRAC Probashbandhu Limited (BPL) is a sister concern of BRAC which offers world class travels and tourism services to both domestic and international tourists in Bangladesh. BPL aims to help flourish the tourism industry of the country and showcase a positive portrayal of its history, culture, traditions and economic strengths to the international community. In addition, this initiative aims to counsel and train youth on safe migration so they can go abroad in a cost effective manner and get better income opportunities.

Tea Estate

BRAC Tea Estates aims to set up model tea estates that engage in improving the lives of tea estate workers with essential livelihood facilities such as food, housing, treatment, education and entertainment facilities. These tea estates also support teak, rubber, bamboo shoots and agar plantations.