Social Communication & Advocacy: Road Safety

Road traffic Injury is a major threat to development and public health. Hence it is a social and economic burden worldwide and Bangladesh is no exception. To address these road safety problems, BRAC has conceptualised an innovative “Community Road Safety Programme”. The programme mobilizes community living along highways, make them aware of road safety and facilitate them to plan, undertake and sustain their local road safety initiatives. Through its programme, BRAC involves the community through motivation, education and self-help resulting in a developed sense of ownership of its own road safety. BRAC also extend road safety training for drivers aimed especially at heavy vehicle drivers.


BRAC Driving School: An initiative for road safety

23 May 2012, Dhaka. “I believe that female can do better than man in driving profession. Girls are more cautious while driving. They do not smoke, talk over cell phone or overtake while driving. We should encourage girls to join in driving profession. It can be a respectable job for them. -  Mr. Obaidul Kader MP, Minister, Ministry of Communication & Railways, said this in the launching event of BRAC Driving School at Uttara. He thanked BRAC for including 2 women in the training of trainer’s course that he visited.

The Minister also requested BRTA to sign an MOU to work jointly with BRAC and other stakeholders on driving training supports. Today BRAC has launched its driving school at Uttara, opposite Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and Hajj Camp. Read More

Bangladesh can cost-effectively prevent approximately 50,000 deaths in the next 20 years

 Road SafetyDhaka, 03 July 2010. In the next 20 years, Bangladesh can prevent up to 30,000 deaths and serious injuries in the Dhaka-Sylhet highway and 18,000 in the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway cost-effectively. This was discussed Yesterday (02.08.10) in a workshop on road safety arranged by BRAC and The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP). The workshop was based on the overview report of the Preliminary iRAP Assessment Results.

During the workshop Mr. Greg Smith, the Regional Director, Asia Pacific, iRAP delivered an in depth informative multimedia presentation on the overview report. iRAP is a pilot project, that is assessing the conditions to tackle the road safety challenge of the N2(Dhaka-Sylhet) and N3(Dhaka-Mymensingh) highways. Read More

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