Social and Financial Empowerment of Adolescents

The Social and Financial Empowerment of Adolescents (SOFEA) project is a BRAC initiative aimed at providing adolescent girls with financial and social support to enable them to empower themselves.

The SOFEA programme comprises of the following vital components:

* A secure place for adolescent girls to socialise
* Life-skills training
* Livelihood training
* Financial literacy
* Savings and credit facilities
* Community sensitisation

The components complement each other and create the complete support structure needed by an adolescent girl.

The secure place provides a much-needed socialisation space, creating social cohesion. Life skills training raise girls’ level of social awareness, allowing them to make informed decisions. Livelihood training equips girls with the skills they need to engage in income-generating activities, starting them off on the path towards financial independence. The financial literacy course provides insight into the financial aspects of managing a small business. The credit and savings facilities are a source of seed capital for the girls to start small businesses.

To garner support from their families and the community, the program engages in community sensitisation to ensure that even after BRAC leaves, these girls will continue enjoying their rights, as well as receive the attention and support that they deserve from their family and community.

The project aims at empowering girls to make more informed decisions about issues that affect their lives. Over time, these girls become more confident and independent through social and financial empowerment. By educating them, the girls will lead healthy lives, and become informed mothers, bringing up healthy families in the future.