Safe Migration Facilitation

Bangladesh has 6.5 million migrant workers employed overseas, many of whom fall victim to exploitation by the fraudulent recruitment agencies or their foreign employers due to their lack of awareness and knowledge about safe migration process, labour laws and rights. SMFP(Safe Migration Facilitation Programme) works with both the potential and returning workers with special emphasis on women and youth and provides information on safe migration process, relevant laws and rights, legal support, and social arbitration. Safe Migration Forums (people’s organisations) are formed in the programme areas to ensure rights through social participation. The project raises public awareness and policy advocacy on the issue through mobilising the media. Currently, six Safe Migration Facilitation  Centres (SMFCs) are established in 17 districts and the project works to protect nearly 3.4 million workers. The Migration Forum has recovered USD 176,000 from the middlemen on behalf of the exploited workers.


Advocacy for Safe Migration and Abating Labour Trafficking
Nowadays labour trafficking has become a major threat to our economy. Recognising the contribution of migrant labours, a new project titled “Advocacy for Safe Migration and Abating Labour Trafficking” has been initiated since July 2010 to reduce trafficking in the form of labour. This project covers nine traffic-prone districts in Bangladesh. An Innovative advocacy tool/approach is employed to raise awareness on safe migration as well as abating labor trafficking and to contribute to Policy Advocacy for a Comprehensive Anti-Trafficking Law.