Road Safety: Awareness Campaign

Road Safety Awareness Campaign

Road traffic Injury (RTI) is a major threat to development and public health. Hence it is a social and economic burden worldwide and Bangladesh is no exception. To address these road safety problems, BRAC has conceptualised an innovative “Community Road Safety Programme”. The programme mobilizes community living along highways, make them aware of road safety and facilitate them to plan, undertake and sustain their local road safety initiatives. Through its programme, BRAC involves the community through motivation, education and self-help resulting a developed sense of ownership of its own road safety.

IEC Material
After detailed consultation with professionals, community members and field tests at campaign areas, BRAC has developed IEC materials and used those for road safety campaigns before.

Flip chart
A comprehensive and well-researched 14 colourful page road safety training flip chart, complete with trainer guide providing road, safety, traffic rules etc. was distributed to the NGOs, CBOs and educational institutions for road safety awareness training.


Posters for road safety awareness are big and readable from a distance due to its larger fonts and more portable for using in rallies as festoons and for door-to-door contacts. The posters were handed over to partner NGOs and educational institutions for road safety  training and publicity.


Audio Cassette
One audiocassette/CD of 30 minutes duration containing road safety messages, instructions safety guides, drama played by a drama group and songs were distributed to the drivers trained on road safety for playing in their vehicles for themselves and passengers.
Training Video
Two multimedia training materials on road safety, one for pedestrian and one for driver containing road safety messages were used for awareness of road side community and drivers. Popular folk singer Ms. Momtaz sung the entertaining songs on road safety.  

Reflective Stickers
For making rickshaws visible at night, honeycomb reflective stickers were used. The highly visible stickers were pasted at the back of rickshaws and rickshaw vans.
Billboards conveying road safety messages and instructions have been installed at beside the road as they are constantly read by drivers and commuters. Billboards contain messages talking about road safety and need for safe driving.