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Radio Pollikontho extends its hand to burn victim Lipi Begum

Lipi Begum of Shonapur village was living a blissful life with her husband and two children. Her husband, Montu Mia, is a night guard. On January 22, 2013, she encountered a terrible accident rummaging her life forever. She got badly burnt while cooking. The fire caught her clothes while lighting up a mud stove using dried leaves and stems. Montu Mia rushed to rescue his wife when she started to shout for help. He wrapped Lipi’s’s body with a blanket to extinguish the dreadful......Read More

Piped Water Supply System: a tale of a community living up hill

1BRAC WASH1The water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programme aims to ensure 1sustainable access to sanitation, water and hygiene in hard-to-reach 1areas for the underserved rural people of Bangladesh. The initiative 1started in 2006, implementing the WASH programme in 150 sub-districts, 1and completed the first phase in 2011 and has extended to 248 1sub-districts in 2012. The water supply system of the programme has 1reached 2.5 million people.1The safe water component of the programme is......Read More

The precious lives of 26 trawler passengers got rescued with the sincere endeavor of “Polli Shomaj”

A trawler started its journey towards Shangghol with 27 passengers for attending a wedding on Friday, December 9, 2011 at 11AM from Roghunatpur Ghat of Pirojpur District, Polli Shomaj No-2, Ward No-4, Amrajhuri Union. There were 24 women, 2 men and 1 child among the passengers of the trawler. While the trawler reached Kawkhali Launch Ghat, it got drowned with the collision of wave produced by another launch coming from Dhaka. At that time, local Polli Shomaj Cashier Sharmin Aktar was sitting......Read More

Khadija's Story: Reaching for the Stars

Khadija’s family used to live in a small, fenced-in house near a river bank in the Gorashal village of Rajshahi district’s Bagmara upazila. Khadija’s father, Abdul Khalek, worked as a helper at a truck garage, but his daily income barely supported the family. Having no land or property to provide necessities for a living, her family ended up migrating to the city. Currently, they are situated in Mathura village of Rajshahi’s Poba upazila. Khadija’s mother Nasima......Read More

A Fair Deal for Md. Babul Hossain

Md. Babul Hossain of Baukhond, Dhamrai, Savar, like everyone, had dreams of living a happy life. As the sole bread winner in a large family of his wife, children and elderly parents, he was inspired to seek employment abroad after seeing migrant workers from his village earning a good income, and being able to provide comfort for their families. A well known migration middleman, Nazrul Islam, informed him of an employment visa in Iraq which required an advance booking money of BDT 270,000 (USD......Read More

Mariam: Worthy of respect

Mariam, from Sarmongal village, Rajoir, Madaripur, was married to Bojlur Sheikh when she was 15 years old. After 13 years of marriage, she learned that her husband was having an extramarital relationship with another woman. Not surprisingly, the relationship between Mariam and her husband deteriorated after this discovery. Bojlur decided he wanted to divorce his wife. The problem turned into a crisis for Mariam when her husband stopped providing financial support to the family, on the false......Read More

Shamsunnahar: Minimising risks

Shamsunnahar is a school teacher at a BRAC school in Binonderpara, a village in the Jamalpur district. Through the DECC programmes, she learned about natural disasters, such as floods, droughts, cyclones, tornadoes, and earthquakes. She was also taught how to minimize the risks of natural tidal surges in her community. Her tools include the disaster calendar which illustrates the likelihood of certain disasters throughout the year, and describes warning signs she should look for in order to......Read More

Manoshi Change in Action: Evolution of a Health Worker

The Manoshi Community Health Workers disseminate health, nutrition and family planning information, as well as identifying pregnant women in the community for maternal healthcare. Their earning capacity is limited to selling basic health commodities, such as oral rehydration sachets. The Manoshi programme, which is BRAC’s first foray into the urban slums, experienced high drop out rates- as women needed more earning potential to survive in the urban setting. BRAC, recognised the capacity of......Read More

Radio Pollikontho, Community Radio Project

The advent of community radio has recently emerged as an important tool for empowering marginalised sections of society across the world, transforming lives through giving them access to relevant, up-to-date information. BRAC Community Empowerment Programme’s recent initiative, Radio Pollikontho-99.2FM, a community radio project based in Chadnighat union, Moulvibazar is an example of this. The station broadcasts information within a 17km radius, reaching roughly 400,000 people with......Read More

A 'free and happy' education for South Sudan's children

South Sudan, the world’s newest country, faces a multitude of challenges. Central to its development will be the expansion of a quality education system. Currently, 73% of the adult population are illiterate1 and a 15 year old girl has a higher chance of dying in childbirth than completing school2.Yet progress is being made. With funding from Comic Relief, BRAC has established 75 community schools and trained 75 female teachers who are now educating over 2,200 children across four of the......Read More

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