BRAC Internship

Every year, BRAC receives many requests from interested candidates who want to work as interns and volunteers within the organisation and learn from its activities and approaches.  The objective of BRAC’s internship and volunteering programme is to offer a chance to gain exposure to the operations of various BRAC programmes to local and international people. The programme is only available with the BRAC Bangladesh operations and has not yet been expanded to BRAC’s international ventures in Africa or Asia.

The objectives that BRAC strongly holds for its internship programme are to -

  • Assign interns from diverse academic backgrounds to various BRAC programmes where their knowledge of development issues and other experiences can be enhanced through practical assignments and field exposures.
  • Create a rapport between the students, BRAC Officials, field staff, programme implementers and the beneficiaries of the programme, to receive a holistic view of the complex systems employed in BRAC’s activities and gain new appreciation for the arena of social work.
  • Provide various departments of BRAC with the assistance of highly qualified students and professionals specialized in various fields and gain new insights and perspectives from them as tools of evaluation of BRAC programmes and for the improvement of these programmes.
  • Train bright students in a professional environment through the internship programme that would help them develop great organisational and professional skills for their future career.

Information before you apply

  1. All internships in BRAC are unpaid and interns must bear all related costs, such as food, accommodation, transportation and translation.
  2. All interns are recommended to bring their own laptop as the organization may not be able to provide sufficient resources.
  3. Willing to travel to various field locations within the country and spend a considerable amount of time in the field out of the capital city – Dhaka.
  4. All interns must have excellent communication skills in English. Local interns must prove high competence in both Bangla and English.
  5. Unless you are passionate about development issues and willing to pursue a career in this sector, BRAC internship will add no value to you.