BRAC Dairy

A BRAC Social Enterprise

Shielding farmers from milk-price volatility




BRAC Dairy was launched in 1998 to assist members of our Village Organisations (VO) who borrow to invest in cows. A large number of our microfinance loans are being used to buy livestock, which can pose high risks for borrowers owing to poor breeding, limited veterinary services and shortages in cow feed. Our Dairy and Food Project provides a market to members of the VOs by buying milk from them at a fair price, and ensures a constant and steady demand and good return for the milk being produced by these rural entrepreneurs.

BRAC Dairy today

Today, BRAC Dairy not only secures fair prices for its rural entrepreneurs, but has also expanded to offer cattle development and technical training, vaccinations and feed cultivation facilities. BRAC Dairy collects milk from 100 collection and chilling stations located across the country including 10 that are located in ultra-poor areas.  BRAC Dairy is currently the only dairy company in Bangladesh to have received ISO 22000 Certification, setting an example of vigilance at every stage of dairy production, processing, and distribution contributing to dairy products’ safety record.

Quick Stats

BRAC Dairy has 100 collection and chilling stations located in 25 districts, including 10 located in ultra-poor areas. The enterprise collects 102,559 litres milk daily and erves 40,000 farmers, 64% being women. BRAC Dairy has 23 Distributors and 37 Sales centres nationwide, covering 16,000 outlets out of 23,000 and enjoying an overall market share of 22% with a dedicated consumer base of around 500,000. More than 2 packets of Aarong Milk (a BRAC Dairy product) every second

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