Bangladesh: Community Empowerment Programme


Our Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) aims at achieving socio-political empowerment of the rural poor, particularly women, by enabling them to build, secure and use socio-political assets to improve their wellbeing, exercise their rights, take advantage of new opportunities and play a more active role in public life.  We are directly reaching more than 950,000 rural women through a set of programmatic interventions in the areas of:

We organise rural communities into democratic institutions called Polli Shomaj through creating awareness and building capacity for women’s political participation, collective action against social injustice and exploitation, engaging with local government and improved access to resources. We utilise folk art forms such as popular theatre to disseminate social messages to rural communities and mobilise them on a wide range of issues that affect their lives. At the same time, we help strengthen local government capacity through training, gender sensitisation and formation of forums of elected female representatives from all levels. Our objective is to help local government to become more transparent and responsive to the needs of the poorest. We address violence against women through awareness, prevention and survivor support. We increasingly emphasise the engagement of men in the process of women’s empowerment and to prevent violence against women.







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