Advocacy for Social Change

We seek to inspire the policy makers, resource holders, access providers as well as individuals, communities and organisations to bring about changes in the lives of the poor and marginalised. We stride to initiate changes through Participation, Interaction and Mobilisation (PIM). The emphasis is on social communication, media mobilisation and policy advocacy to change social behavior and raise voice in favor of the marginalised; convince policy makers to review, reform, enact and implement policies to improve the overall human rights scenario of Bangladesh.

We are currently working on three different issues, which are Ultra poverty, Safe Migration and Health in 49 districts around the country.
We are going to expand our area of work with new initiatives - Safe Road, Save Life and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Programme (SRHR) from 2012.
To increase access of the poor, marginalised and affected in order to accelerate positive changes in their lives.

1. Encourage policy makers, service providers, resource holders, civil society and community to take initiatives in favor of the poor, marginalised and the affected

2. Identify and disseminate best practices and learning among the people who mould public opinion

3. Strengthen network, collaboration and partnership with national and international organisations.