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Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescents

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BRAC’s Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescents Girls (ELA) programme is designed to empower vulnerable Tanzanian teenage girls. The ELA clubs provide safe spaces for them to socialize, and receive mentoring and life skills training. Networks of clubs are active in five regions in Tanzania. BRAC combines this approach with financial literacy training and customised micro-loans, which socially and financially empowers adolescent girls.

The ELA programme focuses on improving the quality of life of adolescents, especially vulnerable girls through the two objectives of social education and financial empowerment. This is done by enabling to protect adolescent girls increase their awareness, knowledge, and developing skills on reproductive health, unwanted pregnancy, early marriage and HIV/AIDS and by promoting awareness on gender discrimination, abuse and all forms of violence, and meaningful participation of adolescent girls in decision making and finally creating income generating opportunities

The objective of this programme is to build confidence and instill a sense of self-worth, encourage positive behavioural changes, and improve the quality of life for these young girls. Many of the older members in the club, who had dropped out of school at a young age, have received training on income generating skills. The programme is designed to socially and financially empower vulnerable teenage girls aged between 11 to 19 years.

Tanzania's ELA programme consists of six components: adolescent girls' club, life skills education, livelihood training, financial literacy, credit support, and community participation. The programme combines innovative livelihood and life skills training with a customised microfinance programme. It combines this approach with financial literacy training, offering customised microloans that contribute to the social and financial empowerment of adolescent girls. This in turn helps to prevent early marriages and leads to a more stable future for the next generation.



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August 2008 to September 2018

Novo foundation and Whole Planet

BRAC’s programmes for adolescents are designed to socially and financially empower those between the ages of 11-19


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