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Targeting the Ultra Poor

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Targeting the ultra poor programme in South Sudan started in April 2013. 250 beneficiaries were selected from Yei County area of Central Equatoria who received training, assets and technical supports based on selected enterprises. TUP members also received food support, medical treatment, and veterinary facilities for their ducks and goats.

BRAC’s ultra poor programme focuses on improving the socioeconomic situation of those at the base of the economic pyramid. To help this population get on the bottom rung of the economic ladder, the programme’s process includes a deliberate sequencing of interventions including asset grants, skills development and personalised healthcare support.

This integrated support is helping them lessen their burden on assets and ensure sustainable economic development. To ensure the effective result of the project, asset sustainability and long-term benefit, BRAC has formed 14 groups comprising of 18-20 members to raise their voice for their rights and share their learning, problems and ideas at the community level.

To ensure the social security of members, safety of distributed assets and good environment for the TUP members in the village, BRAC has formed the village poverty reduction committee (VPRC) comprising of local leaders, school teachers, village elites, group leaders and elderly people of the village. Increasing assets, growing attitude for savings and bringing behaviour change among the members are also considered as important aspects for sustainable and potential socioeconomic development of the members.








April 2013 to September 2015


The objective is to support ultra-poor women in South Sudan to develop sustainable livelihoods and food security so that they and their families move out of extreme poverty and hunger

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