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Human right and legal empowerment

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BRAC's human rights and legal empowerment (HRLE) programme in Sierra Leone is dedicated to protect and promote human rights by legally empowering the poor, especially women. The programme commenced operations in July 2010. HRLE is designed to sensitise the people in the communities about their basic legal rights, as well as receive cases from them if their rights have been violated.

BRAC’s community-based paralegals are moving forward to identify issues at the community and individual level, frequently receiving cases from the community people. Its first priority is to discover concrete and practical solutions to legal problems. It is implementing the programme through interventions such as mobile clinics, community meetings, school orientations, radio discussions, mediations, advocacy, and litigation.

BRAC has three categories of volunteers’ community oversight board members, who are community elders, and help its paralegals to resolve difficult cases related to customary legal issues.

The community contact persons help our paralegals organise mobile clinics and community meetings by mobilising the people in the communities.

The third category of volunteers is addressed as law implementation committees; they are selected from our legal literacy classes, and they take a stand against sexual and gender-based violence.


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