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BRAC Sierra Leone started implementing the essential healthcare programme in October 2008. The objective is to improve the general health status of poor women and their families by providing access to affordable primary healthcare services. The programme focuses on education on health, nutrition, family planning, immunisation, safe water and sanitation, hygiene, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy-related care, prevention of and care for acute respiratory infections and pneumonia, and basic curative care.

BRAC in Sierra Leone is a sub-recipient of the Global Fund Round-10 Malaria Project which started operations on 30 March 2012 covering three districts-Western Area, Tonkolili and Kenema. The first phase of the project ended in January 2014 and the second phase started on 3rd July 2014 which is for three years.

In collaboration with World Food Programme, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, BRAC started a school and supplementary feeding programme in February 2012. The programme objective is to increase access to basic education and improve attendance and retention rates particularly among girls, improve the nutritional status of school children and other vulnerable target groups, such as people living with tuberculosis HIV/AIDS, pregnant and lactating women and caregivers.

BRAC is piloting the Manoshi programme in Sierra Leone slum communities. The programme is modeled after the Manoshi programme in Bangladesh and provides quick access to emergency health services for those in financial need. With the aim to improve the livelihood of young people in the slum communities, it is providing life skill trainings and awareness based education on sexual and reproductive health and legal rights.

Current projects            


Current projects




Essential health care/SOROS

Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

SOROS Foundation


To improve maternal, neonatal and child health status, through increasing access to basic health care services.


GFATM Round-10 (Malaria)

Jan 2014 – Dec 2016

Global Fund

Focus on promoting intermediate preventative therapy for pregnant women, use of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets, and seeking treatment within 24 hours for the symptoms of malaria.


Community Medicine Point

Feb 2013 – Sept 2015


To develop a franchise model to increase the availability of genuine drugs and health products in communities through CHPs.

Urban Maternal neonatal child health (MNCH) (manoshi)

April, 2014 to June 2016

Glaxo SmithKline (GSK)- Save the Children Health Care innovation award

The goal of the programme is to decrease illness and death of mothers, newborns and children in urban slums of Freetown in Sierra Leone, through ensuring a comprehensive preventive, promotive and curative care starting from ones home to the facility centre.

Slum Development Project- Pull Slum Pan Pipul (PSPP)

May 2013 – May 2017

Comic Relief

To improve the livelihood of young people in the slum communities through life skills training, sexual and reproductive health, and legal rights education.

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