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Microfinance and small enterprise development

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BRAC Liberia established its microfinance company in 2009 to provide micro-loans and small enterprise loans for the marginalised. The objectives of the programme are to increase access to microfinance services for the marginalised families, initiate sustainable micro-enterprises and strengthen the institutional structures for effective management of the microcredit systems. Microfinance services provides additional source of employment for the rural poor, with a significant impact on the borrowers family income. The SEP programme also strengthens institutional business capacity. BRAC Liberia Microfinance Company Limited helps the government of Liberia to achieve its goal of developing a well-founded and effective microfinance sector.

The main impact of the microfinance services is that they provide additional sources of employment for the rural poor, which has a significant impact on the borrowers’ family income. The service plays an active role in developing the capacity of the local employees as well as borrowers and practitioners.

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Providing marginalised entrepreneurs with the opportunities to start their own businesses, BRAC Microfinance Company supports employment creation and enables people to enhance their livelihoods and increase their incomes.

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