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BRAC Bhumi Bondhu

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Land is the mainstay of social life in Bangladesh. Since the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the population has increased from 75 million to 160 million. Cultivable land decreased due to industrialization and urbanization. However, the contribution of agriculture in GDP in Bangladesh’s economy is 14.2%. Due to the exponential increase in the value of land as a result of population growth industrialization and the growth of a commercial economy, land rights and land related services have become important and the evolution of a well-functioning land market have come to the forefront. Ties to land are not just economic but also deeply emotional as land is usually inherited from one’s relatives. Land is seen as not only a source of livelihood but as a symbol of one’s family generations old lineage. For many poor families, land is the asset of last resort that the families divest only in times of dire circumstances. Given the importance and value accorded to land, Bangladeshis work hard to preserve their rights over their land, as assured by the Bangladesh constitution.

Despite its importance in daily lives and economic activities, the land sector in Bangladesh has been prone to numerous indiscretions and corruption associated with land market transactions and administration system.

In Bangladesh:

  • Only 4% of women have effective ownership of land
  • One in every seven households suffer from land disputes
  • Land related challenges make up 70% of all litigations in court
  • Approximately four million households may be facing land disputes currently
  • Many incidences of reported domestic and physical violence are rooted in a land disputes

For many years, the government has taken numerous policy measures to reform land administration and management, as well as to make land services. However, still there are loopholes and governance deficits in different areas of land administration and service provisions.



Bhumi Bondhu

Bhumi Bondhu is intended to be a sustainable, revenue generating enterprise which offers a wide range of land related services to people at a reasonable rate. The idea behind Bhumi Bondhu is a simple one - provide people with an alternative to the middlemen practice where people will have easy access to receive land services from Bhumi Bondhu, a social enterprise model. There is an important need to promote transparency and quick land services to reduce the harassment being faced by people while receiving land services.


To make reliable Land services affordable, accessible and transparent.


  • Build bridges between people and government
  • Provide transparent and fair land related advice
  • Provide strong support to vulnerable groups
  • Encourage out of court settlements and mediation
  • Offer a wide range of assistance in land services
  • Run awareness programs

Primary services

  • Measurement of the plot
  • Authentication of records/deeds/maps through verification
  • Sharing of the deceased land among the descendant as per rule of Farayez
  • Assistance in correction minor error of the records
  • Assistance and proper counselling in releasing land under vested property
  • Assistance in authentication purchasable land and in completing registration of deed.
  • Assistance in mutation process
  • Assistance in calculating land development tax properly
  • Assistance for settlement of land dispute through local arbitration
  • Assistance in getting khas land for the ultra-poor
  • Provide copy of land related law, circular and order,
  • Assistance in getting dispossessed land through local arbitration on the basis of the records
  • Proper counselling for retaining land right
  • Assistance in proper recording and mapping during settlement
  • Apart from these miscellaneous land related assistance and services


  • Bhumi Bondhu is the first private initiative of its kind in Bangladesh
  • Bhumi Bondhu has 6 offices serving people countrywide
  • Bhumi Bondhu has reached 12482 people till the end of October, '18
  • Bhumi Bondhu has served 1153 families

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