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Asif Saleh

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Asif Saleh

Senior Director
Strategy, Communication and Empowerment
BRAC and BRAC International

Mr Asif Saleh is the senior director in charge of strategy, communications and empowerment at BRAC and BRAC International and a member of BRAC’s executive management committee. He oversees advocacy, information and communications technology (ICT), communications and the social innovation lab. He is currently in charge of the empowerment cluster, which includes migration, human rights and legal aid services (HRLS), urban development programme (UDP) and skills development programme (SDP).

Prior to joining BRAC in 2011, Mr Saleh was an executive director at Goldman Sachs and also worked at GlaxoWellcome, NorTel and IBM. Upon his return to Bangladesh in 2008, he worked as a policy specialist for the UNDP-funded Access to Information Programme (A2i) at the Prime Minister’s Office. He is the founder of Drishtipat, a global organisation with chapters across the globe focusing on the human and economic rights of Bangladeshis. Mr Saleh was recognised for his work by Asia Society’s Asia 21 programme in 2008, the Bangladeshi-American Foundation in 2007, and was selected as an Asia 21 Fellow in 2012. He was selected to be a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2013.

Mr Saleh holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA in management from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Mr Saleh is a member of the board of directors of BRAC Bank and BRAC Net. He also chairs BRAC IT Services Limited. He is also on the board of multiple non-profits such as 1 Degree Initiative, Spreeha and Institute of Informatics and Development.

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